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Whether you've done strength training or Pilates prior to Big Blue, this orientation gives our coaches a chance to work with your, assess your movements, and direct you to what's best for you at Big Blue. It also gives us a chance to teach you our warm ups and cool downs and make any recommendations for added stability or mobility work. We want to make sure that our clients and coaches are on the same page if we are moving into a group setting. This way when you come to class we can get the most out of the program when we know what to expect.

Although Pilates is often done in groups, it was originally designed for one-on-one. This private orientation package will help you get acquainted to the principles and equipment. This is the bare minimum required by all students to getting started. Group sessions are not recommended for those with injuries and special situations. We recommend private sessions until you are self sufficient enough to know the proper modifications to take during a group class. This is to ensure the safety of everyone and maintain a flow to the class.

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